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When was the last time you savoured a meal with the best company?

We live in a time, where 2 is normal, 3 is better, 4 is fantastic, more the merrier but 1 — that’s an odd one. You can easily spot these “ones” in cafés, hiding behind their laptop or chilling with a book by the beach, they run solo — the lone wolves of the world. Although they are equally comfortable in a social setting, they find vicarious joy in their own company.

I was fascinated by these hermits, their sheer enthusiasm to spend some time with themselves, while they toil away working on their next big idea, reconnecting with their…

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Has the pandemic changed your decision-making process?

23 November 2019, that was the last time I saw my parents (in person). I see them every day, on a screen. I talk to them every day, while we navigate different time zones. We time our meals to capture some family time together, virtually. I express my love through flowers (that wilt away) or gifts (that remain in a box). The love we crave most is being in the same room.

With both of them close to their 50s, reality has hit me harder. I am growing up while they get older. My almost 20-year old sister understands them…

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Make the most of the downtime by taking these small steps

The rise of COVID-19 pandemic continues to change our life to a new model. While we get accustomed to digital life and being locked indoors, here are a few tips on how can you focus on things you can control and make the most of this downtime.

1. Declutter your space:

While most of us are confiding in our homes, this can be a great time to rearrange your space. It is time for you to Mary Kondo your room and donate all the items that no longer bring you joy. …

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We might have come from caves to castles, our problems would have changed from hunting to the size of our smartphones but even with millenia gone by, we all crave this one common need.

We are all animals. No matter how hard we try to stand out amongst the 7 billion, deep down we all want to feel that we are part of a tribe.

You may think you get mature over time but sometimes it feels like a lightning bolt hit you at night and the very next day, you have new eyes. You don’t look at work, your parents, your friends the same way. You either want to rise above the circle you are in or find a new clique.

Growing up in India, I never paid heed to my need for…

Did you ever get stuck in a life rut? Read on to find out how this phase helped me gain a new perspective!

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Sometimes, a peculiar smell can trigger memories. Sometimes, a song can take you to another place, reminding you of those people and the past. You can’t go back in time (yet), but you can relive those memories over and over again, through the words, through the flashbacks and the emotion.

Do you ever go back to those memories and a part of you wants to change it? Maybe rewrite an old story. Today I am here, sharing an old story from my book.

I moved away from home 4 years back, to a completely new country. Fast forward to 2019…

and how a new experience might help you reconnect with your inner child.

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The day job has got you too tired to work on your passion project. The constant attention to detail has turned you into a perfectionist. You are terrified to share your creative work, ’cause it isn’t good enough for you. The mundanity of a 9 to 5 life has put you in a box, with no way to get out. You are not alone my friend…

I was in the same box. My freelancing project had just ended and the thought of writing something on a blank page seemed daunting. I couldn’t finish the draft. Something was hindering me. …

This goes out to all the women, and men out there. Here’s hoping this makes you smile and helps you be a little kinder to yourself.

While you and I would be happy to take life as it comes, wake up every morning and look at oneself in the mirror with confidence, let’s be honest — we do not that. I remember while growing up, I would always compare myself to my friends and feel less of myself. As a teenager, I would be scared to weigh myself on the scale and always felt that my weight defined me. …

and even if I go back, it will never feel the same.

I have been living away from the place I called home for the past four years. The friends have moved on to different lands and different people. The lanes and landmarks are a fond memory and the food always brings a sentiment of warm nostalgia. My work visa is about to expire soon and my heart doesn’t know what it wants.

I have been swimming in two boats for a while now. Every time I speak to my family, my fear of missing out every celebration creeps in. The fact that I am not physically present to share that joy…

I honestly don’t know how I would pronounce it correctly without fumbling.. but a part of wants to believe that’s exactly what happened today, which reinstated my faith in the universe.

I write this post while having a slice of banana cake, sugar-free banana cake with a smear of peanut butter to compensate for the protein. Life is going really well. I woke up this morning from a nightmare, the world was coming to an end and I was the third person in the world to survive the eye of a tornado. The uncertainty in my personal and professional life has lead to chaos in my unconscious mind but I think I will survive — since apparently, I survived the tornado.

Coming back to the synchronicity, one such synchrony of coincides…

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New year comes with new hopes and aspirations. All of us take a good amount of time to set goals whether it comes to getting fitter, eating healthy food or dedicating time to focus on our personal projects. However, we all know how far those goals can go. Three weeks into January and some of us are already shaming ourselves on walking away from those goals.

Here is a lit of methods you can rely on to keep yourself on track for those resolutions and make 2019 your year:

  1. Write those goals down: And I mean seriously write it. Highlight…

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